Auto-webinar is a video that simulates a webinar. The participant listens to the recording, at some point he can be offered to write a comment. You can download the chat scenarios of the participants’ negotiations, and the presenter will answer these questions. At the time of voicing selling offers the button “Buy” pops up.

By recording and configuring such a simulation of a webinar once, you can embed this proposal in the auto-series of letters, when each new subscriber will receive an invitation to watch the webinar at a certain time after the subscription.


Information about the number of views of the Automated Webinar is updated once a day. Viewing is a transition to the webinar room (where the webinar is being broadcast).


The filter allows you to search for a webinar by name. If you enter a fragment of the name, all webinars, in the name of which it is contained, will be displayed. If you enter the whole name – one webinar will be displayed.

In addition, you can set a date range in the filter to get statistics on the number of views and the cost of the service for the selected period.

It is not necessary to fill in all filter fields. Enter the required information and click Search. To display the full table, click Clear.

Adding and editing a webinar

To add a new webinar, use the Create webinar button at the top of the page.

To edit the webinar, click on its name or on the button with three dots at the end of the line.

Deactivate and delete the webinar

To temporarily disable the webinar, move the slider to the gray position. To enable the webinar move the slider to the green position.


To completely delete the webinar, click on the cross at the end of the line.

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