You can accept payments by Visa, Mastercard for both individuals and companies.

Setting up

To connect, go to Store – Settings and open settings of “JustClick (International Bank cards Visa, Mastercard )” payment method.

Click “Connect” and fill in data of the Principal.

Activate the agreement with the rules and click “Save”, the questionnaire with the data will be sent to the moderator for verification. Moderation is performed within 1-2 business days.

To speed up the process of moderation, send a request to support and inform about connection to the method “JustClick (International Bank cards Visa, Mastercard).

After moderation you will be able to choose an active physical or legal person from the list and activate payment acceptance method.

Clicking on the “Manage principals” button will open the previously added individuals/legal entities. If you connect several physical/legal entities, you will be able to switch between them and choose the active one to receive payments.

A new (euro) purse will be added to the purses (balance) for the current individual/legal entity.

After transition to this balance, section “History of mutual settlements” is displayed.

After registration of the account among payment methods the current one will be displayed (taking into account limitations which you have specified in settings of the given method).

After choosing this variant and clicking the “Pay” button the page will open

From the buyer in Europe and Britain additionally will be withheld tax at their place of residence – such laws on the sale of distance courses in Europe.


There will be additional withholding tax at your place of residence from the European and UK buyer. These are the laws governing the sale of distance learning courses in Europe.

VAT is a European value added tax on the provision of services.

The percentage rate can be different and the tax itself is also called differently:

TVA – for buyers from France (20% rate)
MwSt./Ust – for buyers from Germany (19% rate)

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