• [Store]
    • added the setting “Do not send payment reminder emails if an invoice is prepaid” to the “General Settings” section. Read more in the article.
    • In the “Orders” section we changed the logic of data filtering. The field “Search by contacts or address” now searches by the condition “Contains” and ignores spaces in the beginning/end.
  • [Processes] Implemented copying the process via a button.
  • [Video protection from Youtube] Improved display of the player panel on different devices and screen orientations when protecting videos from Youtube. Video protection works for pages, lessons, webinars.
  • [Page Builder]
    • Faster display of sections and widgets in the menu bar and display of pictures in the “Pictures” widget
    • A new effect was added to the section’s settings – content magnification.
    • We added new page templates in the categories: Activation, Subscription, Webinars, Checkout
  • Bug fixes


  • Added restriction for “Starter” plan – Email is only available in the Funnels section.


  • [Product] For products without configured upsell and for new customers, the upsell setting in the Products section is not available. Use the upsell block in visual sales funnels.





  • [Meetings] If the page in the form or funnel is not the task after filling out the form (exiting the funnel block), then the contact will be directed to the Transfer / Cancel Meetings page.
  • [MeetingsNotifications – added a letter to the contact “Meetings canceled”.


  • [Webinars] Added to the webinar mixer for Videos and Banners in the off state the time option “after what time to turn on the block after the start of the webinar”.


  • [JustClick player] Ad-free video hosting. Available in the sections “Websites-Webinars-Videos from …” and “Courses-Lessons”. To use the player, you must agree to the agreement of hosting.


  • [Courses] Added individual access rights to courses / modules / lessons for the student. To do this, go to the contact card, click on the gear, the menu item “Open access to the lesson”. The personal rights of the student are higher in priority.


  • [Courses] Added a switch (on/off) for notifications for students in the course settings.


  • Added authorization in Courses (LMS) under the student to check rights and access. The main administrator and the employee who has the checkbox “[v] Can login the academy as a student” in the rights on the” Courses “tab can be authorized. To log in as a student, click “Login to the academy as a student” in the gear of the lead card.
  • [Courses] Added “Free for all students” pricing plan in course settings.
  • [Courses-Course structure] Added new accessibility options for lessons (Lesson is available)


  • [Websites – Webinars] The button “Webinar is end” renamed to “Webinar is over”
    old version


  • [Funnels] Added the “Reset statistics” item when you click on the gear in the funnel card.
    Attention! This funnel will be stopped for all contacts and its statistics will be reset to zero. Delayed steps will also fail.


  • [Users] Added access rights “Accountant (user with access to the billing tab)”


  • [Store-Orders] Added the “Maximum amount” to the filter


  • [Users] Added the setting “[] Create and edit webinars” to the “Website” tab in the users card.
  • After canceling a subscription to a product with the “Subscription (recurring payment)” type, send a email to the customer after canceling a payment subscription.


  • Implemented adding sections of the website/ message/ lesson / form builder to favorites. Previously saved sections are displayed in the “My Sections” category. Any users can add sections to favorites, only the main administrator can delete them.


  • Added a new section (/shop/branding). Activate the checkbox [ ] Hide {brand_name} link in emails, payment pages and academy. Available for Professional and Influencer plans.


  • [Users] User profile redesign


  • [Store] Added the option “[] Cancel points for purchase after refund” to the store settings in the “General settings”.


  • [Campaigns—Broadcasts] The “Edit” button is available after sending a letter in the “Constructor letters” format. Now you can go to the sent email and save it as a template.
  • [Bump Offer] Show new product in Items list when added (for “Payment page” and “Payment form”, tab “Actions”)


  • [Constructor] Added the “Code” widget to the message constructor and the forms.


  • [Funnels] Now you can drag the arrow from the “Relation” exit to many elements – actions, pages, traffic in order to see the conversion on all arrows between the blocks.
  • [Constructor] Added buttons “Undo” and “Redo” changes in the constructor of pages, letters and web forms.
  • Removed the “Settings for unlimited plan renewal” tab in the profile settings (/profile/edit/)



  • [Users] Added “Administrator (full access)” rights in users and role settings.


  • [Webinars] Added video playback from Vimeo and a direct link to the file


  • [Lead card] Shows the change in points.


  • [Lead card] Added the “Emails” tab, in which all letters sent to the contact are displayed in chronological order (new at the top). Added filter by type of letters “Show” (all emails, emails broadcasts, series emails, sequences emails, process emails, funnels emails).



  • [Page and Form Constructor] Styled the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and conditions” checkboxes in the “Form” widget.



  • [Webinars] Edit webinar room. Expand the “HTML/JS code on the webinar page”. Added a field “HTML / JS code on the login page“. Click on the sign (?) To read a hint.



  • [Constructor Website] Added “FB comments” widget with Facebook comments form


  • You can hide a field on a form if you know the data for that field. In this case, the data will be transmitted when filling out the form.


  • Opened access to the new Webinars tool and the Webinar Room module in the funnels.


  • Added information about the accrual of points for the purchase to the lead history
  • [Courses – Settings – Language] Added localization to other languages for the student password recovery page


  • Added information about bonus points for accounts when exporting to xls, csv file




  • [Automation – Processes]. Added the “save” button in the block



  • [Funnels]. For “Payment page” and “Payment form“. Tab “Actions“. Added “Bump offer“.