What Is a Screenshot and What Is It Needed for?

A screenshot is a picture of the display of your computer or mobile device. It is an image that shows exactly what is displayed on your display at a particular moment.

Screenshot with the Help of Joxi

There are many convenient programs to quickly create and publish screenshots. One of them is “Joxi”.

To start using the program:

  1. Go to the site https://joxi.net/
  2. Download and run the file by clicking on the “Download Joxi” button
  3. Enter your mail in the registration field and create a password
  4. Install the program by following the instructions of the installation wizard. Tick “Create an icon on the desktop” check-box for quick access to the program in the future.
  5. After installation, the program will start automatically or appear in the lower right corner of the screen as an icon with a birdie.
  6. Place your cursor over the icon and right-click. A window appears, and here you can select what screenshot to make – the whole screen or its fragment.
  7. Click on the “Screen” button to take a screenshot of the whole screen. A window with the screenshot control panel opens. Click on the little arrow to the right of the tick and select “Publish”.
  8. Click on the “Copy” button.
  9. The image link will be copied to the clipboard. Now you can insert this link into the browser address line, follow it and see the picture itself. When you write a request to Support, insert the link along with the text. So, Support will see what has been happening on your screen. Try not to put punctuation marks in the text immediately after the screenshot link. Otherwise, it will be included in the link and the screenshot will not open.
  10. If you want to select only a fragment of the screen and take a snapshot of only a particular part, click on the “Fragment” button.
  11. After that, a crosshair with two guides appears. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the area you want to capture. After you set the mouse button free, you will get an area that will become a screenshot.
  12. Use the buttons on the toolbar, if you need to select an item on the screen and highlight it in some way.

  • Click on the arrow to the right of the tick and select “Publish” to save a screenshot on the Internet. Then copy the link (as previously in point 8) and send a link to the Support.

Screenshot Using the Default Windows Tools

To do this, the keyboard has a special key – Print Screen (PrtScn). Most often it is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. You can use it in two ways:

  • Pressing just the Print Screen the screen will be “pictured” completely.
  • When Alt + Print Screen combination is pressed, a screenshot of the currently active window will be made.

When you press the Print Screen key (or the combination of Print Screen + Alt), nothing seems to happen. The screenshot is temporarily placed on the clipboard, and in order to get it from there, you should perform the actions as follows:

  1. Open any of the installed image editors, for example, “Paint”:
    Start ⇒ Programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ Paint
  2. Select Edit ⇒ Paste (Windows XP, Windows Vista) or click the Paste button in the top menu of the program (Windows 7 and above). The screenshot will be pasted from the clipboard into the editor.
  3. You can edit the image (add text, highlight items, etc.) if necessary.
  4. Save the finished image: File ⇒ Save as;
    or click the “Save” button.

It is recommended to save image files in JPG or PNG format. In this case, the file size will be optimal for sending by email.

Screenshot Using the Default Mac OX Tools

Press Cmd + Shift + 3, and the screenshot file will appear on the desktop.
Cmd + Shift + 4 allows you to select the area on the screen that you want to take a picture of.

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