Integration with Tipalti

So here is how Tipalti works now (on a LIVE mode already)

All users could set up Tipalty payments for their affiliates (after creating their Tipalti account and signing a contract wih Tipalti team).

So to activate Tipalti, here is a new payment settings.

The only one settings they need to do in THEIR admin accounts is set up IPN link ( to connect Tipalti with IS).
( And of course to enter their username and master API key from Tipali )

After that checkbox is ON, here is a new tab for your affiliates:

After they fill all the fields AND send you their TAX form, you will get their Tipalti account is payable status.

So your platform will get IPN from Tipalti and also mark affiliate as payable:

Аlso PAY OUT button will change color to green and offering “Tipatli payment” in a pop up

and also after the payment will be created, I think you should access to Tipati later that day to sign all the created payments and to send payments for people.

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