What for are the Processes?

Processes allow you to set up a variable chain of actions for a contact, which will be started/executed providing the contact fulfilment of one condition (triggers/events). Using the processes, you can segment the base, flexibly configure the sales funnel. Below we describe the solutions the only two of the huge number of tasks implemented by processes.

The process editor is adapted to work with mobile devices.

Make a personal offer to the customer

Task. Set up the email campaign for contacts who canceled the order. Make a special offer to those who paid the bill, depending on the amount of previously paid bills.

  1. Add the trigger “New order”, select the desired product.
  2. Add action “Add to list “Made the order“.
  3. Add the trigger “Cancelled order”. Add trigger “Paid order”.
  4. Add the “Send email” action for the “Cancelled order” trigger. Add the “End of process” action.
  5. Add filter “Total amount paid — greater or equal to — 50000” for the trigger “Paid order”.
  6. Add the options for filter:
    If “Yes”, add the action “Send email 50% Discount%“”
    If “No”, add the action “Send email 30% Discount%“”
  7. Add the “End of process” action.

Result. Customers who cancelled the order receive an offer to purchase a cheaper product. Customers who have paid the order receive an offer to buy a second product at discount; the discount rate depends on the total amount of previously paid orders.

Remind the student about the course

Many students take the course and drop it off halfway or even at the beginning.

Task. Send a reminder to students who have not started the course within 7 days after purchase.

  1. Using a Rule adjust the tag “Lesson1” adding for students, opened the first lesson.
  2. Add the tag “Paid course 7 days ago”, perform the step after the fulfilment of the previous one in 7 days. This step is necessary in order to set the interval in the process execution.
  3. Add a filter “Tags — matches — Lesson1”
    If “Yes”, add “End of process” action.
    If “No”, add the action “Send email “You didn`t open the lesson””.
  4. Add the “End of process” action.


How to add process?

To configure the process, go to the section: “Tasks” — “Processes” and click “Add process”.

The name of the process

When you create a new process, it is named by default as “Process from DATE TIME”. You can change the name to something that will be clear to you. Customers and subscribers will never see it.

Click on the process name; enter a new name and click “Save”.

Main elements of the section

There is a button “Filter” and a button “Add process” on the main page of the subsection. In the main part of the window — a list of already created processes, the number of triggers for each of them, the number of contacts in the process and for which the process was completed, toggle on/off and delete button.

1. Main button
2. Created processes
3. How many times the process will run for a single contact
4. How many contacts are in the process
5. How many contacts are completed the process
6. Process status: on/off
7. Reset statistics
8. Delete the process

How many times the process will run for a single contact?

The process can be executed once, or any (infinite) number of times simultaneously or not simultaneously.

Let us consider an example.

You added two initial triggers to the process: “New order” and “Add to list”.

If a process is to be run for a contact once, the customer who made an order and is in the process according to this trigger will not be in the process again later when another or the same trigger is triggered for him.

If the process is executed for one contact any number of times, the contact already in the process will be added to it again when the same or another trigger is triggered for the contact again.

However, because the process can be run on a contact for more than one day, you can limit the process to contacts for which the process has not been completed. To do this, select “any number of times if not started.”

How to edit a previously created process?

Click the name of the created process to start editing.


How to disable the process?

To disable the process, simply move green slider opposite the desired process.

(Green background — is on, black — is off).


How to delete the process?

To delete the process, click the “cross” next to the desired process. After confirmation, the deletion of the process and all information about it (done) will be deleted.


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