To integrate with other services and applications, we recommend setting up integration via Zapier.
You will be able to transfer data between services without the help of programmers.
Learn more about integration via Zapier

The important message for those who work with third-party forms of subscription to LP Generator, PlatformaLP and other services, that integrate with JustClick by API:

If you have configured the integration with another service, and the functions work correctly, but there is a restriction on adding subscribers/creating accounts, then there is an API control for your account.

You have to adjust the forms to the current legal requirements to remove these restrictions from your account. Place the “Read And Agreed With The Offer Contract” checkbox under each form of data collection without exception. The text should be clickable and should direct either to an agreement for the processing of personal data (for subscription forms) or to an offer contract with the “Consent To Processing Data” section included (for order forms). In some cases, a link without a checkbox is enough.

Then, send a written request to the JustClick Support Service with the subject: “Enabling The API In Your Account“. Specify your login (for which the API integration is configured) and the subscription/sales page of a third-party service in the body of the letter.

If the page doesn’t violate the law and the rules of the JustClick service, the specialists will connect the API to your account.

This measure was adopted to protect users from fraudulent activities.

P.S. Please note that the addition of subscribers to the API doesn’t cancel the other rules of the service and the Internet ethics.

P.P.S. Please note, if we find any signs of a software over-clocking through the API after connecting the service to your account, we reserve the right to block the account without the possibility of recovery or appeal.

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