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You will be able to transfer data between services without the help of programmers.
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API-service functions are taken from http://username.justclick.io/api/ adding the function name. For example, http://username.justclick.io/api/AddLeadToGroup.

Username – your shop’s login.

Please note, you can also use your own domain linked to your account instead of username.justclick.io.  For more details, see the section “Site” ⇒ “Settings” ⇒ “Domains” in the personal account.

How to Call

Parameters are transferred by POST method with encoding URLencode. For example:

<!--?php Send(http_build_query($send_data)); ?-->


  • Send is the function that sends a query to the API;
  • http_build_query is a default PHP function;
  • $send_data is an array of transferred parameters.

Each query must be signed. For this, the hash field is transferred to the query.

It is formed as follows:

<!--?php md5("$params::$user_id::$secret") ?-->


  • $params are URLencode parameters transferred to the API function;
  • $user_id is the login for the JustClick system;
  • $secret is a secret key that can be obtained from the account’s personal account in the API section.

Your system will receive the result of the function in the JSON format in response.

For more details, see the API Service Responses.

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