What is a Sales Funnel Catalog?

The catalog of sales funnels (hereinafter Catalog) is a special platform in the JustClick service where templates of working sales funnels are placed. You can choose any of the templates, create your own funnel from it, and you just have to fill it with your content.

In order to display the funnel templates added to the catalog, you must check the box “Show training in the admin panel” in the account profile in the “Notifications and Training” section:

How to create a funnel from a template?

You can go to the funnel templates through the Funnels – Catalog section.

To see a description of a template, just click on its name.

To create your own funnel from a template, click on the “Create funnel” button on the page with the template description.

How to add your funnel to the Catalog?

If you have a working sales funnel that you want to share, we will publish it in the funnel catalog.

We kindly ask every expert who already makes money on the Internet to share their experience with other users.

To apply to add your own funnel template to the Catalog:

  1. Click on the Share button.
  2. Click on Publish Funnel to JustClick catalog.
  3. Save.

After that, the link to the funnel template will be sent for moderation. And after approval by the moderator, the template will be added to the Catalog.

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