A well-known problem …

All owners and trainers of courses are familiar with the problem: as soon as the course becomes popular, it appears in the public domain. This is bad both for those who lead the course and for fans of free knowledge. The former is deprived of a part of the remuneration, while the latter, without making efforts to gain access, takes the material at face value and may be out of conceit with the trainer, without even knowing him/her. Sometimes, the opposite situation may happen: the school gains good publicity, and everyone is at an advantage, but such cases are rather the exception.

What are the solutions?

It is impossible to defeat pirates totally: even the most advanced versions of protection are easily bypassed by means of the ordinary screen recording on a camera (CAMRip). A good solution to reduce the negative effect of piracy is a quality course in which the author works with students’ homework, treat each case individually, identifies tutors. In this case, it becomes obvious to onhangers that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The best solution is a combination of high-quality course and technical means of protection.

What does the JustClick service offer?

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We offer a solution that will make it difficult to use your courses publicly. Our service tracks and store the IP-address from which the student visited the site last time. If at the next login, the address is changed, an e-mail asking for login confirmation will be sent to the student.

Let’s consider an example: if a student opens a course from different places (home, work, cafe), he will be able to confirm access via his e-mail and use the course without restrictions. If he decides to make the source publicly available, he will face the necessity to confirm regularly access for strangers. And the more strangers will be, the lesser part of them will be able to use this access: it is impossible to confirm access for ten people at a time – only one of them can be active.

Which means that this brings all efforts of attackers to naught or will really compel them to record the whole course on video. If this format will be worth something … Congratulations! You are talented and popular, your courses virality is off the scale, and you are one step away from raising the price and taking the students away.

How to enable protection?

Go to “Courses – Settings” and activate the option:

Confirm by email learner new IP address for access


In the “Notices for students” tab, in the field “Letter to the learner “Confirm new IP address””, you may edit the text of the e-mail that will be sent to the student to confirm access to the personal account.

If a client cannot access the course

If a client received a link to one IP and tries to access the course from another IP, protection is activated and the student cannot access the course using such link (in most cases, this happens when the client mail is “logged” on the mobile phone and on the computer). The solution is to provide the student with a link to the main page of your course, which has the following form: https://YOUR-LOGIN.justclick.io/lms/ and to advise him to enter the course following a link “Log in” on the home page of the course.

In this case, the client will receive an e-mail with a link, he have to follow it and confirm his right to use the course, then he will be able to access the course to continue learning.

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