All letters sent from JustClick initially have a number of settings designed to maximize their delivery. Service relentlessly monitors the reputation of its sending servers, blocks potential spammers and maintains a constant dialogue with the largest mail servers. This allows you to achieve extremely high rates of delivery – up to 95% of the emails delivered to the “inbox” folder per month.

However, it is worth acknowledging that the greatest responsibility for the delivery of emails always lies with the AUTHOR of the mailing. We can only provide basic conditions that allow you to deliver your message to the inbox. But neither we nor anyone else can save the mailing from rejection by the mail-service worker or placing it in spam if the basic recommendations described  in this article are not observed. We strongly recommend you to read it and follow the advices given in it!

But this article is about something else. It’s about what to do if you are still unlucky enough to go into spam.

How can JustClick support help?

If the emails go into spam, then only the support of the mail service, which determines your mailings as spam, can help you. It is the mail-service support service, not the JustClick Support Service.

Unfortunately, JustClick service does not have enough resources to defend the reputation of each author of the mailing in direct communication with mail-service workers. From our side, we can only give you recommendations on how to send emails, but you are working on your own reputation as the author, the content of emails and the deliverability.

Therefore, if your messages are spammed:

  1. Write in support of the mail service on which you are in the spam
  2. Get them to give accurate and specific information about the real reason you’re going into spam
  3. Implement the recommendations on how to eliminate the causes of spamming
  4. Inform about this support of the mail service and achieve unlocking of newsletters

If your messages are not delivered even to the Spam folder, but blocked completely by the mail service, JustClick Support can provide a mail log of sending an email and replying to the mailer (for what reason it blocked your email).

To receive this log about the error, it is necessary to submit a request to the technical support of the service In the request you must specify the following data:

  • Type of distribution (instant or automatic distribution)
  • Number of the email (for instant distribution, you can find the number in the “Progress” column in the section “Newsletters” ==> “Instant.” The number of each sent instant message is unique)
  • Date and time of its sending (for automatic distribution)
  • Email address to which the message was not delivered.

After sending the request, the support staff will provide you with all instructions for working with this log in a period of 1 to 2 working days.

What should I immediately inform the mailing service about?

  • Describe as much as possible about the fact that you are engaged in “white” email marketing, for example: report that subscribers are added only when confirmed from the activation letter (2-opt-in); show pages on which it can be checked; report that you are constantly segmenting the database; show the headers of your emails; report that you send email only from mail on the corporate domain – in other words, demonstrate awareness of the rules of mailings and prove that you observe them. The most important thing is not lying and not trying to subvert the rules!
  • Describe when the problem arose – clearly and understandably. What letter with which headline, when exactly on what email got into spam
  • Show which mail you use to send letters – specify its address. If the mail is made on your domain (and it should be created on a personal domain!), also give the domain and its IP address separately
  • Immediately attach the eml-version of the email that t went into the spam (this can help test groups), or immediately  clearly convey the idea that you do not have a copy of the saved spam email from the folder and you can not get it. Support for the mailing system responds slowly (every 2-5 days) and according to our statistics in 90% of cases, its second email concerns the provision of a copy of the spam message, so this issue should be closed immediately!

If your letters are in spam on

In this case, there are two possible solutions to this problem:

  • First try to solve the problem in automatic mode. 
  • If the problem is not resolved in this way, then you need to write in support of through this form.

We wish you successful unlocking and avoiding getting in spam in the future!

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