Manager responsible for the order (sales manager)

The manager responsible for the order is an employee with the rights of the Call Center.

Usually the task of the manager responsible for the order is to bring the completed invoices to payment.

The manager responsible for the order operates in the following way:

  1. Enters the page of orders
  2. Sees a list of orders (which he either called earlier and needs to call back, or else no one picked up when other managers at the call center called)
  3. Calls them in order and marks progress

The manager responsible for the order is automatically assigned to the order upon its creation. And it also automatically detaches if they have not taken any action on the order. For example, just opened, looked at and closed the order. The manager can be changed via the group operations button Assign responsible by bills in the Orders section. Change manager will only occur in selected orders.

Changing the order manager may be necessary to transfer the order for processing to another manager in cases where:

  • The order was fixed not for that manager – for example, for the chief administrator
  • The former manager no longer working
  • There was another need to change the manager

If you change the manager responsible for the order, the commission for the paid order will be charged to the new assigned manager.

Manager responsible for the client (personal manager)

The task of the manager responsible for the client is to work with existing customers, for example to offer them new products.

The consolidation of the managers for the customers’ needs then to have each client have their own manager and the client recognize it, and also, so that the manager knows his customers, it’s easier to establish contact with the customer and sell new products to him.

The manager responsible for the client operates in the following way:

  1. Opens a filter in the orders
  2. Chooses himself among other managers (additional menu of the filter Manager => field Personal manager)
  3. A list of orders of those clients for which he is the responsible manager is issued
  4. Then he works with them – he calls, offers new products, etc.
  5. If necessary, fills in information about the client either in the contact card or in the order in the Customer Information column
  6. Also, he can find new customers for certain products and consolidate them 

The responsible manager can be assigned to the client in two places:

  1. In any of the customer’s orders

To assign a manager responsible for the client, use the not specified text in the additional information on the order. The responsible manager will change in all orders, drawn up at the specified email address of the client, and not only in the selected order.


2. In the contact card use the not specified text:


The manager responsible for the order and the manager responsible for the client are, more often than not, two different people.

The task of the client manager is to sell the new product, to interest the person to join the training, to find out if there are any questions about the products already purchased and, if necessary, to provide all possible assistance, etc.

The task of the order manager is to call those customers who have issued the order, but have not completed the payment. Usually such calls are made according to clear instructions. The manager should find out with what difficulties the client is facing when paying; if at the time of payment some doubts were brought up, then try to dispel them and convince the client of the correctness of his choice, and also explain how he can finish the payment for the order.

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