«Contact history» – is a new functionality that allows you to see in the contact card what actions and when were performed with it. At the moment, such actions with a contact are displayed here as:

  • creating a contact;
  • adding/removing a group;
  • adding/removing a tag;
  • setting/changing/deleting a name;
  • setting/changing/deleting the surname;
  • installation/change/removal of middle name;
  • setting/changing/deleting the shipping index;
  • setting/changing/deleting the delivery country;
  • installation/change/removal of the delivery region;
  • setting/changing/deleting a city;
  • installation/change/removal of a street (indicated on the card as “delivery address 1”);
  • installation/change/removal of the house, apartment number (indicated on the card as “delivery address 2”);
  • setting/changing UTC (client’s current time);
  • installation/change/removal of a personal manager;
  • setting/changing/deleting additional contact fields.

Also, in the contact history, the changes made by the Zapier service will be displayed through the “Add/Update Lead” action (if you have integration configured). In this case, the note (next to the date and time) will indicate “zapier – Add/Update Lead”.

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