JustClick offers various video download options. You can use the link to the YouTube video. It’s free, but it won’t get rid of outside ads. You can choose the Vimeo service – the option is good, but not democratic when it comes to payment. You can choose just a link to an external file, but the ratio of price, stability and possible hosting load … will not suit everyone.

Our experts have thought about solving this problem and are glad to offer you a JustClick player.

You can upload videos directly to JustClick in the sections:

Activation and use

The JustClick player is activated once for the entire account. In the example below, we do this from the webinar interface. You can do this from anywhere available (for example, from a lesson in the course).

Click on the “Activate JustClick Player” button.

And confirm your agreement with the tariffs

Tariffs for using JustClick player

The payment consists of two parts: for storing the video and for watching it. In both cases, you pay for the duration in minutes. They are counted every 10 minutes.

Video storage: 9$ for 1000 minutes of video per month.
As we just said, they are charged every 10 minutes.

Streaming: 2$ per 1000 minutes.
Every 10 minutes of viewing is also counted. If the webinar (or lesson) is watched by 10 people for 10 minutes, the total number of views is 100 minutes.

All (any) views are counted. Viewing by you, as an account owner, your employees, webinar moderators, their hosts.

How do I add a video to the JustClick player?

Upon activation, the “Activate JustClick Player” button will change to “Select File”. Specify the path to the video on your computer and wait for the download to finish.

Payment procedure and write-off reports

As a rule, debits occur at the beginning of each day for the previous one. In the case of a high traffic consumption (and therefore the attendance of your webinars), the system may decide to write off up to several times a day.

You can see the write-offs and details on them in the “Balance” section of your profile.

Clicking on the link “Pay for storage and video views” will open a detailed report.


What happens if the balance is negative?

The JustClick player will not work if you have a negative or zero balance – your students (or webinar listeners) will not be able to watch the video. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that there is always a positive balance on the balance sheet.

If the negative balance of the personal account persists for more than 20 days, then all videos will be deleted from our hosting and it will be impossible to restore them.

How to remove video from JustClick player?

Removing video from the player occurs in manual and automatic mode.


Obviously, with the active use of webinars, a significant number of videos will accumulate, and it will be quite troublesome to keep track of the relevance of which (including deleting old versions).

However, don’t worry – the system solves this problem automatically. The JustClick system checks your storage every day, finds and removes videos that are not in use. This simple feature allows you to focus on the things that really matter and save you money.

What videos do we consider “unnecessary”? The decision to delete your files should be very balanced, therefore, all conditions must be met at once for automatic cleaning:

  1. Videos uploaded three hours ago or more.
  2. The broadcast ended 3 hours ago or more.
  3. There are no active webinars with this video.
  4. This video is not uploaded to the standard webinar mixer.
  5. Video is not used in scripts.
Note that you must explicitly end the webinar for the automatic cleanup to take place. This can be done by clicking the “End Webinar” button or by using a script.


We treat your data with great care. For this reason, the system will not be able to delete all unnecessary files. However, you can do it yourself.

  1. Click on the cross next to the video of the webinar room and confirm the deletion in the window that opens.
  2. Videos are automatically deleted when you delete a lesson, webinar or corresponding funnel block.

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