In JustClick, you can set up a webinar with a broadcast from your computer to the webinar room using a video encoder.

Configuring integration

The basic settings of webinars are described in the article that we recommend to study beforehand. Next, let’s look at configuring the broadcast on the example of the OBS Studio viewer. This program must be downloaded and installed on your PC beforehand, then you need to register to create an account.

In your JustClick account, go to Website – Webinars. Add a webinar room and open its settings. Set YouTube Video – Create Stream.

After that, the system will redirect you to the YouTube Creative Studio website, where you need to “bind” YouTube and OBS Studio. Copy the suggested keys, they will be useful for further setup on the OBS Studio side:

Open the OBS Studio — Settings:

Next, set the Service ” Custom” and insert the accesses from YouTube (i.e. the access keys that we copied above):

Configure the video stream sources and set the desired parameters for your broadcast. Note that the video encoder provides a large number of fine-tuned broadcast settings, as well as the ability to combine different video stream sources:

Once you have set the desired settings and broadcast sources and scenes, click “Start Streaming”.

After you start the broadcast, you will see that its broadcast is displayed in your YouTube Studio cabinet:

And in order to broadcast dubbed in JustClick you need to click on “Share” video and paste the link in the appropriate box settings webinar:

After that, the broadcast will be displayed in your webinar room:

You can use any popular video encoder to make a similar broadcast. Integration settings are made in the same way, that is, through the URL (server) and broadcast key.

Also note that the webinar room in JustClick is better configured through the Funnel functionality, which will create a more flexible funnel and interact with the audience depending on their behavior and activity.

FAQ (answers to frequent questions)

Yes. You can set up the integration with Zoom in this article.

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