This page is available from the main menu of the Site, the Pages sub-section.

It is designed to work with pages of your site in the JustClick system.

  1. choosing a period for statistics
  2. add a page
  3. split test results
  4. choosing a site
  5. page views
  6. creste/view sub-pages
  7. activation/deactivation of pages
  8. delete page

The Pages section allows you to:

  • Choose a site to work with
  • View statistics for each page for the selected period of time
  • Add and edit pages
  • Activate/deactivate and completely delete pages
  • Work with the file manager

Selecting and configuring a site

  1. go to the page list of this site
  2. the domain on which the site is located
  3. go to the settings of this site
  4. delete site

In order to get to work with the pages of a particular site, in the Site – Pages section, click on the name of the site that is currently needed.

Here you can also go to the settings of the site itself – bind a domain to it, add code to HEAD or copyright text.

You can read more about additional site settings in this article.


The filter allows you to select the data to display according to the specified criteria.

You can customize the output of pages with a specific identifier. If the whole ID was entered, one page will be displayed. If you entered a fragment of the identifier – all pages in the title of which contains this fragment will be displayed.

You can also display active or inactive pages (selected by switching the radio button).

Checkbox Hide pages without views allows you to remove from the screen pages that did not have views for the selected period of time.

Block Period since… till allows you to configure the period for which statistics will be displayed in the table.

For convenience, the most popular periods are rendered in a quick filter at the top of the page.

Adding and editing pages

The Add button is used to create new pages.

To edit an existing page, click on its name in the Pages column.

Deactivate or delete pages

To make the page temporarily unavailable, you must move the slider in the penultimate column to the left. It will change the color from green to dark gray, the page will be disabled.

To return the page to the working mode it is necessary to do the opposite action – move the slider to the right. Green indicates that the page is active.

To completely delete a page, there is a cross in the last column of the table.



Clicks/@/Sales/Conversion/Profit/Profit from a visitor

Show statistics for each page for the time period specified in the filter.

The button with the round arrows in the last column resets the statistics for the selected period.

The A/B button expands the detailed statistics for each test case (if a split test was configured when creating the page).

View pages

The button with the green eye next to the page name allows you to go to the page (opens in a new tab) for viewing.

Create sub-pages

JustClick allows you to make nested pages.

That is, if the pages usually have them., then the sub-pages will have the address of your login.

To create such pages, click on the folder next to the page name.

To return to the upper level, click on … (three dots) in the Pages column.

  1. folder with sub-pages
  2. return to previous level
  3. subpage

File manager

Each user of the system is provided with a certain amount of space for storing files.

The File Manager button allows you to switch to working with the file store.

HTML Templates

In JustClick, there are “default” page templates. However, if you want to create or upload your own unique templates, then this is the html-templates page. To go to it, use the button with the same name at the top of the page.


Go to “Website” – “Set Up”, click on the name of the desired domain and on the page that opens on the “More” tab, paste the code in the “Add HEAD code”.

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