Each user of the system is provided with a certain amount of space for storing files.

The file manager allows you to work with these files – download, delete, organize.

At the top of the page there is statistical information – how much memory is occupied and how much space is still available.

The table contains a list of folders and files stored on the JustClick hosting.

Creating a folder

To arrange the files it is recommended to distribute them to thematic folders. To create a folder, use the + New Folder button.

You must enter a folder name and click the Create button.

Latin letters, numbers, periods (.), Underscores (_), hyphens (-) are allowed in the name.

The folder will be added to the table.

To go to a folder, click on the folder icon next to the name.

The appearance of the subfolders differs slightly from the root directory.

The first line in the table is the folder icon with … – clicking on it returns one level up.

The Start button at the bottom of the page returns directly to the root directory (if a complex hierarchical structure with multiple subfolders is created).

Moving files

To move a file from one folder to another, you must copy it by clicking on the button in the last column.

When there is a file on the clipboard, a new Paste from clipboard button is added to the file manager interface.

When you click on it, the copied file will be moved (not copied!) to the selected folder.

Editing and deleting objects

Clicking on the name of a file or folder allows you to rename the selected object. An editing window opens where you can specify a new name.

The Apply button saves the changes you made.

To delete a file or folder, click on the cross in the last column of the table.

Viewing Files

Clicking on the document image next to the file name opens it for viewing in a new tab.

If the file format does not allow you to view it with the help of the file manager (for example, the .zip format), then clicking on the file will download the file to the computer.

Adding a file

The Download Files here button opens the Explorer window on your computer. Select the desired file or files and they will be downloaded to the selected folder.

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