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To go to a lead card in a call task, go to Contacts — Calls — select call task, click the number in the call task line — and then click the link in a “Name and phone number” column.

A lead card for a call provides the information about the lead and performance progress. Here you can do everything you need:

  • view and edit call status,
  • record the results of the calls to a client,
  • edit the card info,
  • make additional comments about a client,
  • view the history of the calls for a call task, all orders generated by a client and all calls about theses orders.

Please find below the screenshot with the explanatory comments and a brief description of page settings.

  1. lead status. Click to edit
  2. buttons to record the results of the calls to a client
  3. main info about a client. Info can be entered in the fields and edited (exept email)
  4. select a personal manager for a principal client in a drop-down list
  5. tags are displayed in a lesd card  in a Lead tab
  6. date of the first purchase of the first mailout subscription
  7. date of creating a lead call task
  8. date of editing a lead status
  9. date of editing a lead status to Finished
  10. enter additional info about a client
  11. block has the tabs with the call history for a call task, info about all client orders
  12. block displays the info added to Contacts — Calls — Edit tasks


Let’s look at the page settings in details.

Lead status

3 statuses are available by default:

  • new (no manager works with a client)
  • in processing (a manager works with a client)
  • finished (successfully or not; results of the work with the client)

A lead status can be edited right in the call card, if necessary.
The same changes can be made in the account of a Call-Center employee. If a Call-Center employee indicates the status Finished, then this status will immediately be seen in a lead card (in call tasks) by the account holder.

You can create customized statuses for the tasks in Contacts — Calls.  Click the name of the task, then Statuses tab. To find out more, follow the link.

Buttons to change the call results

The buttons which are used by a Call-Center manager (and sometimes by an admin) to record the results of the calls.

Find out more about the features and tasks of each button in this article.

Main info about a client

Here you can find the zip-code, full name of a client, phone number, city, personal manager (or “not chosen”). You can add tags. They will be displayed in the lead card in a Lead tab.

  • Date of first registration. This is the date when a user filled in (and sent) the first subscription or order form.
  • Date created. This is the date when a lead appeared to be in a call task. Here two options are available: a lead has already been added to a list, and then you selected it for a call task or vice versa. The latest date matters.
    Case 1: a lead joined the list on the 1st of January this year. The task was created on the 5th of January. The date of creation is the 5th of January.
    Case 2: a lead joined the list on the 1st of January this year. You did the task last year (for example, on the 15th of January). The date of creation is the 1st of January.
  • Date of change. Date of editing the lead status (for example: New — In progress).
  • Closing date. Date of editing the lead status to Finished (successful or not).

You can add additional information about a client. It will be seen in all orders and in a lead card in More tab.

Call history and detailed information for client’s orders

The next visual block contains a call history for the selected call task, as well as the information about other orders generated by a client and about the calls devoted to these orders.

This block has 3 tabs with extra information.

  • “Call History” tab
    This tab displays the call history for the task you are working with right now. You can track the progress (for example, change the status New — In progress) and see the name of an employee who worked with this lead at any stage within the task.
    Please find the detailed information about the buttons which record the results of the calls here.
  • “All orders” tab
    This tab includes all orders which have been generated by a client (this information is backed up in Lead Card in All orders tab).
  • “All calls be orders” tab
    This tab displays all calls connected with the orders (this information is backed up in Lead Card in “Calls made to confirm orders” tab).

Call Script

An employee will see a script if a call script (a phone call scenario) is enabled in Contacts — Calls — in the editing mode of a task (“Tips for the employee” tab).

The script is displayed under the table of a visual block with the call history (as it is in a call card in admin account and in a call card in a Call-Center employee account).
Find out more about how to add a script for an employee here.

Now you can easily track the call task progress for each lead and control the employees dealing with the tasks.

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